vendredi 24 juin 2016


My Binary Profits is the FIRST ever REV-SHARE HYBRID. I had joined this site last December. It's a passive earning system. It's work like this. When the member joins the site, the first step is to upgrade. Their upline(sponsor or referrer) will receive 50 % commission on their upgrade. Next, they will have access to purchase Ad Packs. They will receive 130 % - 160 % Cash Back on their advertising purchase depending upon their Membership level ! The second step is to earn cash by clicking members ads in the PTC section , yours earning in PTC section depending on your level Membership. You can also earn 50 % in upwards of 100 % of your entire Downline PTC! This Adds up fast.


1 /  Residual membership commission
2 / Commissions on downline Purchase
3/ Match Bonuses on all downline PTC
4/ 130 % - 160 % CASH BACK on Ad Packs

- $ 9.00      14 Days click free
- $ 15.00    31 Days click free
This add-on option is available for both memberships ! 

(pay as you go, not auto-subscription)

VIP GOLD RESELLER    $ 10.00 per month

VIP PLATINUM RESELLER   $ 20.00 per month

Each upgrade you purchase will be add on additional 31 days to your account ! you can add 1 or more months to your account in advance. Get 1000 credits each time you purchase. Plus, 50 % Reseller commission from VIP GOLD upgrades downline.


$ 5.00   150 %  $ 7.50 
$ 10.00 155 %  $ 15.50
$ 50.00 160 %  $ 80.00

Technical Support :

This is it. You've got all information to start with this site if you want it ! Let me give you a short testimonial of my own experience with My Binary Profits. Finally very trusted site... 

"...Hi, My Binary Profits Team.

I had signed up to your website the 21/12/2015. I bought one Ad Pack at $5. So I have supported your beginning I think. Now while I wanted to log into my Account I saw your new upgrading plan and I took one at $10. That you call " VIP GOLD MEMBERSHIP" I had made my payment with Paypal processor the ID of the transaction is : ###" And now i can't get access to my dashboard and you took my $10 !!!??? So can you tell me what's turning  wrong with you ? Are you a SCAM ? Or can you fix it, please ? 


"...Hello Everyone, Steve here!

After a lot of hard work we are now ready to move forward
with the new launch of My Binary Profits!

The new official launch day is set on :
 Friday, July 1st. 2016

We will be changing over to the new site and running a
pre-launch leading up to July 1st.

This has been some time in the making and we apologize
for the delay. Having said that, we are now ready to put up
the new My Binary Profits 2.0.

Also, we wish to thank the die hard Traffic Monsoon members
who reported on us. Try and try again, however here we are,
and here we will stay.

The new My Binary Profits 2.0 is nothing like anything you have seen
online... Ever.  Considering now there are close to a zillion 'rev share'
sites out there with about a zillion new launches each day...
we created something completely unique and different that everyone
will love. Not 'rev share' by no means... but something that will most
certainly impress... and 100X more lucrative than a rev share site,
and the site will have instant withdrawals too! :-)

Q: What about Ad Packs from MBP 1.0?
A: We have the database, everything is being moved over to the new site! :-)
You will have exactly what you had, no changes!

Have a great day!
Steve Lawson

"...Hi Steve Lawson, thank you for this mail. I 'll be waiting for the relaunch on July the first. Great that you will move all ad pack plan to the new platform. I ever been in this situation with "my paying ads " and I have lost $ 45 dollars they never sent me back my ads pack. So I hope you will do better really. On your  website I only have one ad pack plan at $ 5 and I upgraded my account with $ 10 at my last connect. So I wish you a happy return. Best regards..". 

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