mercredi 12 avril 2017

CoinBulb new BITCOIN PTC website

It finally happened! I've found a new serious BITCOIN PTC website. Is new on the market, recently launched, and classify as new and trustable in NetBbusinessRating.
Yeap! I'm very glad, cos as the classical PTC website behaviors, there is a lot of scammers. And more the rate of Bitcoin growing up, more the fox get hungry! (a part of me I prefer the real one on nature or in London City UK!). So, I keep my eyes right open, trust me! And, to finish with that point, the Bitcoin is too precious for me to be stolen...The daily Bitcoin rate talks enough (you can visit the Bitcoin Rate page, on this blog to learn more about). 

So...Would you please, let me introduce, the star of the day : CoinBulb. Who allow you to get traffic from Bitcoin community.

  • Target real Bitcoin users
  • High-quality Bitcoin-related traffic
  • CPC(Credits Per Click) starts at 0.00120 mBTC
  • High level of security
  • No sign-in required, instant circulation of ads after payment

  • Earn up to 0.00336 mBtc per click
  • Earn 60 % - 100 % referral bonuses
  • Minimum payout only 0.5 mBtc
  • Instant payment to your Bitcoin wallet
  • One of the highest paying Bitcoin PTC sites

You should visit my page : Bitcoin PTC, on this blog to learn more about Premium status and earnings details.
I wish you all, a great experience with CoinBulb, under my link or not!

Thanks to reading me again (special big up for Cameroonians readers), best regards.

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