lundi 1 janvier 2018


   Since the Bitcoin rate became so huge up to $ 19 000 USD last few days. The clickrewards on all BITCOIN PTC site get LOW! LOW! and LOW!  Ranging from 0.00000135 mBtc per click to 0.00000002 mbtc per click actually!

  Look at this example. Before, we used to earned 0.00000020 mBtc per click to 0.00000145 mBtc, on best sites as BTCCLICKS for example. And now for the same thing you will only earn 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000005 mBtc maximum as a clickreward!!!

  And astonishingly as it said in the Holy Bible, "the last will become the first", that's what's going on to COINADDER today. Which, with only 3 ads daily, let you earn 0.00000075 mBtc daily and reach up the first place!

  The second place is hold by COINBULB with 12 ads daily. The clickrewards oscillates between 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000004 mBtc. In total, you will earn 0.00000035 mBtc daily. 

 The third place is for BTCVIC with 10 ads daily for 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000003 mBtc as clickrewards. You will earn 0.00000010 mBtc daily. 

  I think that we  are living the end of BITCOIN PTC... I'am not gone a dramatise this, never mind I 'am gone a focus on mining pool. And as soon as I can build a little mining farm. I think that is the better way to earn Bitcoin today.

  I wish you all the best for this new year 2018 full with Health, Love and Bitcoins.