dimanche 25 février 2018


Hello everybody World!
The beginning of this year in Bitcoin was a little bit "chaotic"!
The Bitcoin rate shut down, some countries in the world took some decisions to regulate the Bitcoin market exchange, some others bad people Ransome others, many mining scams site on the internet... etc, etc.

That's put the doubt about this new money, virtual money. But I don't care and I keep trusting cryptocurrencies. Is very usefull in Africa and recently the Venezuela Country has developped a brand new cryptocurrency called: "petro" based on Bitcoin. It's the future! just that!

 The Bitcoin rate restarts growth. And reach up greats level, it oscillates between $ 9 000 USD to $ 11 000 USD! Very nice? no! it's great enough for me. 

So this year I decided to try a different way to earn money online, as this site I introduce to you HOUR888. This site allows you to both invest in $ or in BITCOIN. 

And, the best is now coming! to reinvest you got to ask for a withdraw! Stonish no? Like this, you feel very secure cos you can taste that the withdraw request is working as well. And you can invest more money without any fear!

There is an online chat available 24/7 and you can use the referral program and earn up 3% to 10% of your referral deposit.The site is not listed on the Bad Bitcoin List( you will find the link on my blog at the tools page)And to invest you can use this different banks bellow:

Perfect Money, PAYEER, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ADVCASH, and BANK WIRE.

You will find three Plan Price:
  1. $ 5 to $ 5 OOO  70 hours at 1.49 % to 1.60
  2. $ 500 to $ 50 000 50 hours at 2.18 % to 2.80
  3. $ 4999 to $ 10 000 20 hours at 11 % to 15

So I wish you all a great experience with this site. I've started at the first plan and I've invested both in $ and Bitcoin, it's starting slowly but surely. I will tell you more about later. best regards!

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