Sunday, 27 February 2022

The Must Have PTC in BTC 2022!


   Finally, a bitcoin PTC site that respects the level of redistribution. When insidiously goes from 300 Satoshi per hour to 1 Satoshi per hour over the years, there is reason to ask questions and try your luck on another site that does not claim to be your best friend in bitcoin online betting. neither your best wallet to store your bitcoins which will earn you 4.8% per year nor all the other various advantages with rewards points that can save you both a state-of-the-art phone and the keepkey external wallet! in short, the Santa Claus of bitcoin and during this time this site is open in the background on your computer 24/24 for 1 Satoshi per hour! absolutely outrageously cynical. 

   I believed in this project, I was a customer from the very beginning, I had at least 5 different accounts with them; I was promoting their site on my blog. After 5 years of use, then there were various cracks on Bitcoin and the sites began to revise downwards the amount redistributed to registered users, and for some, it fell from 300 to 1 Satoshi! at first, we stay out of fidelity: oh no! I've been using this site for too long, I'm attached to it...Yes! but you don't gain anything anymore, a small voice of wisdom answers you, and you look for another more profitable site.

    When I need to find new sites to test I like to go to EASYITS4U, their management is very diversified and there are often excellent sites like the one I am suggesting. Which meets the standards expected by a Pay To Click site in Bitcoin today at the price of the value of Bitcoin on the Market. Reasonable it is necessary to be and it is the ideal transition to reveal this site Discover the Site to you.

By invitation only. 600 / 300/ 200 / 100 Satoshi per ad plus one daily faucet. You need a FaucetPay Wallet to withdraw. Enjoy!

Sunday, 13 February 2022

Absolutely Invite-Only!

 Create empowering and lucrative connections. Absolutely invite-only!

 lucky you are this is it! 

Just give away free memberships, the system will do the rest!

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 see you in enjoy!

Friday, 11 February 2022

Monthly Goodies!


Hi  I introduce to you the monthly goodies, best sites to earn online. All are free to subscribe of course. Follow me on Instagram to stay in touch with me at anytime you need an answer about a site. I will be there for you. And if you want to promote your business in Second Life, just let me know as you are a member of my team here I've got free places for you to promote your business on my shops or showroom in Second Life. 

Wish you a lot of earning!

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Thank you, warmest regards.


Friday, 4 February 2022



Hi! very great news, this site offer you a referral contest when you sign in for free. They offer you 0.01 BTC / $ 324 USD if you invite 20 people to join the site by sign in under your referral link. So great! isn't it?  don't forget to bring a gmail address for a better access. Take your chance and have a look. Find more details on BTC page of this blog. Warmest regards. 

Saturday, 29 January 2022


 I took my first steps in affiliate marketing using so-called Pay to Click sites! I used hundreds of them and got bored of them. But this universe had made me discover the various ways of earning money online and sometimes losing it by falling on bad sites called: scams. The Pay to Click system can be advantageous when the site is hybrid giving access to several forms of online earnings opportunities, giving the possibility of hiring affiliates and the site above all, is serious. Which is the case with this one! head over to the BTC page of this blog to find out the details. Good earnings and be well!

Instagram: @SabiaLunaBitcoin.

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Valentine day BONUS


Valentine day coming soon! look at this online shop to please your lover one. Use this promo code to get e funky discount price. PROMO CODE is SABIALUNABITCOIN more you can join this fashion business if you want, 2 days remaining. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 May 2021


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