dimanche 25 février 2018


Hello everybody World!
The beginning of this year in Bitcoin was a little bit "chaotic"!
The Bitcoin rate shut down, some countries in the world took some decisions to regulate the Bitcoin market exchange, some others bad people Ransome others, many mining scams site on the internet... etc, etc.

That's put the doubt about this new money, virtual money. But I don't care and I keep trusting cryptocurrencies. Is very usefull in Africa and recently the Venezuela Country has developped a brand new cryptocurrency called: "petro" based on Bitcoin. It's the future! just that!

 The Bitcoin rate restarts growth. And reach up greats level, it oscillates between $ 9 000 USD to $ 11 000 USD! Very nice? no! it's great enough for me. 

So this year I decided to try a different way to earn money online, as this site I introduce to you HOUR888. This site allows you to both invest in $ or in BITCOIN. 

And, the best is now coming! to reinvest you got to ask for a withdraw! Stonish no? Like this, you feel very secure cos you can taste that the withdraw request is working as well. And you can invest more money without any fear!

There is an online chat available 24/7 and you can use the referral program and earn up 3% to 10% of your referral deposit.The site is not listed on the Bad Bitcoin List( you will find the link on my blog at the tools page)And to invest you can use this different banks bellow:

Perfect Money, PAYEER, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ADVCASH, and BANK WIRE.

You will find three Plan Price:
  1. $ 5 to $ 5 OOO  70 hours at 1.49 % to 1.60
  2. $ 500 to $ 50 000 50 hours at 2.18 % to 2.80
  3. $ 4999 to $ 10 000 20 hours at 11 % to 15

So I wish you all a great experience with this site. I've started at the first plan and I've invested both in $ and Bitcoin, it's starting slowly but surely. I will tell you more about later. best regards!

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lundi 1 janvier 2018


   Since the Bitcoin rate became so huge up to $ 19 000 USD last few days. The clickrewards on all BITCOIN PTC site get LOW! LOW! and LOW!  Ranging from 0.00000135 mBtc per click to 0.00000002 mbtc per click actually!

  Look at this example. Before, we used to earned 0.00000020 mBtc per click to 0.00000145 mBtc, on best sites as BTCCLICKS for example. And now for the same thing you will only earn 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000005 mBtc maximum as a clickreward!!!

  And astonishingly as it said in the Holy Bible, "the last will become the first", that's what's going on to COINADDER today. Which, with only 3 ads daily, let you earn 0.00000075 mBtc daily and reach up the first place!

  The second place is hold by COINBULB with 12 ads daily. The clickrewards oscillates between 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000004 mBtc. In total, you will earn 0.00000035 mBtc daily. 

 The third place is for BTCVIC with 10 ads daily for 0.00000002 mBtc to 0.00000003 mBtc as clickrewards. You will earn 0.00000010 mBtc daily. 

  I think that we  are living the end of BITCOIN PTC... I'am not gone a dramatise this, never mind I 'am gone a focus on mining pool. And as soon as I can build a little mining farm. I think that is the better way to earn Bitcoin today.

  I wish you all the best for this new year 2018 full with Health, Love and Bitcoins.


vendredi 8 décembre 2017

What is BitcoinCashTra ?


BitcoinCashTra LTD

Is an online investement company wich specializes in BITCOIN TRADING. The company is built and ran by a team of BITCOIN MINER PROFESSIONALS. If you are looking for profitable way to make money, there is no better option than BITCOIN TRADING! The priority of BitcoinCashTra is achieving the highest return from the market and share the profits with members. In the century of speed, time is precious, that's why you will find an instant withdrawals within milliseconds after request. And more, there is a strong referral programe. At 5%  referral comission.
 I was surfing on BTC4BUX, when I saw this site, I felt that it will be exactly what I was looking for.
A very trusted site, verified company, with a very huge profit. I put $ 20 USD, just to start and see. And few hours after, I received more than my deposit. We are closer to Christmas time, it will be great to get more money to give more presents to your familly! Don't pass away from this opportunity.

samedi 14 octobre 2017

Trading Cryptocurrency ?

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mercredi 12 avril 2017

CoinBulb new BITCOIN PTC website

It finally happened! I've found a new serious BITCOIN PTC website. Is new on the market, recently launched, and classify as new and trustable in NetBbusinessRating.
Yeap! I'm very glad, cos as the classical PTC website behaviors, there is a lot of scammers. And more the rate of Bitcoin growing up, more the fox get hungry! (a part of me I prefer the real one on nature or in London City UK!). So, I keep my eyes right open, trust me! And, to finish with that point, the Bitcoin is too precious for me to be stolen...The daily Bitcoin rate talks enough (you can visit the Bitcoin Rate page, on this blog to learn more about). 

So...Would you please, let me introduce, the star of the day : CoinBulb. Who allow you to get traffic from Bitcoin community.

  • Target real Bitcoin users
  • High-quality Bitcoin-related traffic
  • CPC(Credits Per Click) starts at 0.00120 mBTC
  • High level of security
  • No sign-in required, instant circulation of ads after payment

  • Earn up to 0.00336 mBtc per click
  • Earn 60 % - 100 % referral bonuses
  • Minimum payout only 0.5 mBtc
  • Instant payment to your Bitcoin wallet
  • One of the highest paying Bitcoin PTC sites

You should visit my page : Bitcoin PTC, on this blog to learn more about Premium status and earnings details.
I wish you all, a great experience with CoinBulb, under my link or not!

Thanks to reading me again (special big up for Cameroonians readers), best regards.

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jeudi 16 mars 2017

BITCOIN SAVINGS with FreeBitco.in

    Let me present you a new way to earn Bitcoins with FreeBitco.in.
FreeBitco.in account is now also a BITCOIN SAVINGS ACCOUNT

   You will receive, in the case of you decide to subscribe for free, compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in your FreeBitco.in account, without doing anything!

   All you need to do is maintain a balance of at least 30,000 Satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your FreeBitco.in account and they will
pay you compounded interest on your full balance every day. For the little story (as we say it in French!) I earn this amount in 5 days. Before I used to withdraw every week some satoshi to my Blockchain wallet. But now with this new way of earning I will maintain more Bitcoins in my account! for sure! I trully like the idea of passive income interest! 

  There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. 


   You will earn 4,08 % annual interest on your FreeBitco.in balance! ( daily interest will be calculated at a random time everyday @ 0.0109589 % per day and rounded down to the nearest Satoshi). Plus, you can use an Interest Calculator on the page and a BITCOIN SAVINGS FAQ where you can find answers about: 

1/  When is the daily interest credited?
2/  How do you make money to pay us interest?
3/ Is there a lock-in period or minimum investment period before starting earning interest?
4/  Will the interest rate be fixed forever or can it change?
5/  How can I trust you with my money?
6/  How can I keep my account secure to protect my savings?
7/  Can I opt-out from receiving interest on my account balance?

    As you can read FreeBitco.in is a very serious and stable Bitcoin Faucet/lottery (with a strong referral program where you can share some Bitcoins with your referrals! A good way to encourage your future team). Don't forget that you can start to collect Bitcoins every day without any investment and sign in is totally free!

   To finish, treat your FreeBitco.in account like an instant-access
savings account to hold your excess Bitcoins and earn PASSIVE INTEREST on your balance every day! 

I wish you all a great experience with FreeBitco.in! Under my link or not! Best regards.

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vendredi 3 mars 2017

The BITCOIN was created in 2009. The price of Bitcoin has moved forward exponentially. In 2017, its value has tripled (500 %)
Yesterday it has reached the record level of $ 9000,00 in excess of the course of the 'once' gold($ 1 230,00) for the first time in its history.

The phenomenon is probably not foreign to the decision of the Constable of the U.S. Stock Market, expected on the 11th March 2017, about the creation of an E.T.F. (Index Fund, backed by the Bitcoin). 

source: Euronews

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dimanche 15 janvier 2017

    Now dears readers, let me give you my TOP 3 Best Bitcoin Site!

1/  FreeBitco.in
In 5 days I earned up: 0.00021630 BTC as $ 0.32

In 5 days I earned up: 0.00001724 BTC as $ 0.14

In 5 days I earned up: 0.00011535 BTC as 0.09

 If you want to have a try on your own, feel free to click the different links on this article. All sign in are totally free (you'd rather get a Gmail address to easier access). You can also visit the "Bitcoin" or "Tools" pages of this blog to get more about Bitcoins.

 I hope that you will enjoy this article, don't hesitate to leave me a message, I will stay in touch with you.

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    2017 is starting pretty good on FreeBitco.in! As you roll your free Bitcoins every hour, you receive 6 Rewards Points at the same time, that give you many bonuses in different ways like: 
     -  Electronics,
     - Hardware Wallets,
     - Gift Certificates,
     - Free BTC Bonus,
     - Reward Points Bonus.

    You just have to redeem your points to increase your minimum free "FREE BTC REWARD". Each Bonus is valid 24 hours after redemption.

    Today, I wanted to talk to you about Reward Point Prizes rate.

 Price per Point: 0.00000009 BTC
Example: for 420 Points = 0.00003816 BTC as $ 0.03

Level 1:     32     RP  10      %  Bonus
Level 2:   160     RP  50      %  Bonus
Level 3:   320     RP  100    %  Bonus
Level 4:  1, 600  RP  500    %  Bonus
Level 5:  3, 200  RP  1 000  %  Bonus

I have started, myself, using mine rewards points at the Level 3 for 24 hours and it really gives me huge results in a very short time when I compare with others "classical Bitcoin's PTC or Faucets" that I use. And on a standard membership status!

    Now dears readers, let me give you my TOP 3 Best Bitcoin Site!

1/  FreeBitco.in
In 5 days I earned up: 0.00021630 BTC as $ 0.32

In 5 days I earned up: 0.00001724 BTC as $ 0.14

In 5 days I earned up: 0.00011535 BTC as $ 0.09

To compare, with CLIXSENSE (as a standard membership without any Direct Referrals!) a dollar PTC in 5 days I earned up: $ 0.08!

 If you want to have a try on your own, feel free to click the different links on this article. All sign in are totally free (you'd rather get a Gmail address to easier access). You can also visit the "Bitcoin" or "Tools" pages of this blog to get more about Bitcoins.

 I hope that you will enjoy this article, don't hesitate to leave me a message, I will stay in touch with you.

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